Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our Farmhouse Dining Room

Our vintage farmhouse was built in 1894 so I wanted to incorporate a blend of things that would respect the historic charm of the farmhouse, yet keep it fresh, light, and interesting.

I didn't stray from using lots of neutrals, but did incorporate pops of color that I think really give the space a cool energy.

 The small size of the room, especially the narrow 9' width,
ruled out using a traditional cupboard, hutch or buffet. 
There simply was not enough width to the room. 
But this old corner cupboard that measures almost 9' tall, and was  rescued from another old farmhouse, snuggled right up into that corner as though it had been there for a hundred years. 
Or, 118 years to be exact. 

I’m not finished filling it yet, but it’s a start. 
The tureens and many of the butter/jelly molds belonged to my grandmother.  I have 2 more sets of her dishes that I will nestle in when we get them moved over.
I’ve had my eye on this 10' farmhouse table at my Shoppe for a while now and was hoping we could fit it into this small skinny space. 
It too fit like it was made for the room.
Next task, seating. 
I tried every style of chair imaginable, slatted, upholstered, carved, wicker, and nothing “did it” for me.  The 12' ceiling height seemed to dwarf everything.
Then I found these benches with one of my wholesale suppliers…. they were floor samples and wow were they a bargain!
I love the contrast of that shabby chippy farmhouse table with the tufted linen benches. 

To avoid creating a visual barrier for this small space, I wanted an old bench for the other side of the table.  However, finding an old 10' bench was no easy feat.
We looked.....and looked....and looked.....still no bench.  
Just as we were preparing to build one, while fluffing displays at the Shoppe these slipcovered stools caught my attention. 
There they were, right under my nose all the time. 
The more I studied them, the more I thought…..that’s it!
They are the same seat size and height as chairs and they offer the “backless” quality I was seeking in a bench. 
But, they offer so much more....
They have washable slipcovers,
they move independently,
they have padded seats,
and are on casters!  
And by the way, under those slipcovers you will find beautiful burlap upholstery. 
They weren’t at all what I planned,  
they are BETTER!
I love it when that happens.
This large 7' mirror with a distressed wood frame is perfection for this room. It not only enlarged the feel of the small space, it also gobbled up that huge wall that had no space for furniture. 
Mirrors can take a room to places that no other decorative accent can, I love them!
And, there are my blue ceilings that we painted last year peeking through in the photo below.  Several of my friends have jumped on board and painted their ceilings too! J  I love blue ceilings.

We hung those huge corbels, (I shared with you last year HERE) in the doorway between the parlor and the dining room and they added so much charm.
I found these at a shop called JRNE in Terrell, owned by my sweet friend Cindy.

And my favorite detail in the room is that beautiful amazing painting which was painted and given to me by my precious friend, Patty Moore. 
I fell in love with an oil painting by impressionistic painter, Robert Calcagno, when we were in High Point last year. But when we inquired to purchase it, I was so sad to learn it had already sold.  
It was exactly what I had envisioned for our dining room.
(Do you build your rooms in your head too?)
Months later, when I still could not get it out of my mind, I mentioned it to my friend Patty who just happens to be an amazing artist.  She said she was going to paint me something similar in acrylics.
I was moved to tears when she gave it to  me last month...
it's perfect.
The original was breathtaking, but this one had something more...
it was painted by a very precious friend.
  I created this room around that painting and love it even more because I am reminded of her sweet spirit everytime I see it. Those are the details that make our homes special and unique, aren’t they? 
For our homes should not be defined by the decor, they should be defined by how they make us feel.  Don't you think so?
So, here we are at the end of two completed projects within 6 weeks and I've come to a funny realization.....

We now have a porch without a single terracotta pot and a dining room without a single chair. 

How 'bout them apples?

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